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Machined Parts

SOLVIT Shanghai Automobile Parts

Machining is a process that changes the shape, surface finish, or other properties of a material by the application of power-driven machine tools and equipment which include lathes, milling machines, and drill presses. Machining is almost always a process where a cutting tool removes wasted material to achieve the desired geometry.

This process is commonly used to machine metals, but is commonly used with other materials.

Machined Gears Threaded Studs Valve Plate Precision Flat Milling Machined Nozzle Machined Aluminum with Color Anodized Finish and Rotary Machined Copper Alloy Machined Tips
Aluminum Compression Limiter Brass Machined Component Miscellaneous Machined Brass Parts Brass Threaded Inserts Chromium Steel Couplings Chromium Steel Splined Pump Shaft
Custom Bolts Custom Stainless Steel Bolts Drive Screw Small Precision Gear Steel Locator Pin Various Aluminum and Stainless Steel Machined Parts
Machined Aluminum Fasteners Machined Aluminum Die Castings Motor Shaft Stainless Steel Hardware Stainless Steel Threaded Insert Various Brass Machined Parts

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