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"SolvIT will do it quicker, do it cheaper, and do it BETTER than expected!"
- Larry Porter,
SolvIT International

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Industrial Tooling
SolvIT can provide low cost, high quality molds, dies, and fixtures for your project.

SOLVIT Shanghai Automobile Parts

SolvIT is a global supplier of high precision plastic injection molds. For over 16 years SolvIT International's mold factory has been providing precision tooling for global manufacturing.

Capabilities include design and manufacturing of molds for all plastic
injection molding applications, and die casting. These tools include simple
single-cavity molds to highly complex multiple cavity tools for intricate
product design.

SolvIT designs and manufacture molds for in-mold-decorated products, insert molding, and over-molding applications, including two shot co-injection molds, gas assist molds and optical product molds.

  • In-Mold-Decorating
  • (IMD) molds
  • Insert molds
  • Optical product molds
  • Gas Assist molds
  • Co injection (or two-shot) molds of over- molding applications
  • Molds for non-ferrous and copper alloy casting.
  • Globally Competitive Pricing
  • Guaranteed Quality
  • Door-to-Door Delivery
  • Advanced Machine Technologies
  • Advanced Engineering and Design
  • USA-Based Technical Support, Maintenance and Repair
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