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SolvIT (Shanghai) Automotive Parts, Ltd
Warehouse 1006, Zhennan village, Dayang, Datuan Town,
Pudong, Shanghai, 201311

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SolvIT International, Inc.

1684 29th St.

PO Box 2648
Florence, OR 97439

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"SolvIT will do it quicker, do it cheaper, and do it BETTER than expected!"
- Larry Porter,
SolvIT International

About Us

SolvIT Shanghai production floorProduction floor of SolvIT (Shanghai)

SolvIT (Shanghai) Automotive Parts, Ltd

SolvIT (Shanghai) Automotive Parts, Ltd. is an ISO 9001 certified value adding contract manufacturing company focused on electronic and mechanical product assembly and test. SolvIT’s contract manufactured products include consumer, commercial, and industrial components and assemblies.

SolvIT customers include leaders in the medical, transportation, and telecommunication product categories.

Registration CertificateISO 9001-2015 Certified

SolvIT (USA) International, Inc

SolvIT (USA) International, Inc. provides product design and manufacturing consulting, and customer support for SolvIT (Shanghai) projects.

SolvIT is smaller than many of our competitors. But operates at a level usually observed in much larger contract manufacturing companies.

This means lower overhead and greater flexibility for our customers, reducing both cost and lead-time on all projects.

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